The Album

The Album

Your Story, the way it Should be told!

Far too many couples pay thousands of dollars to have beautiful images of their wedding day.. They receive their images in an online gallery or USB, share them with their family and friends once or twice, and then tuck them away with the plan of one day making the wedding album...

and that day never comes.

Maybe they get the process started, they start sorting through their images but then life gets busy and the album never gets completed, or they get discouraged by the long and complicated reality of what making a wedding album entails.

Or maybe they actually do it! They spend the hours it takes to upload the photos, sort through the ones they want to include, arranging them and rearranging them in a perfect orderly manner and they get. that. album. ordered!.....Only to then be disappointed by the quality of the finished product....

This one was me.

You Deserve Better!

That is why I made the switch! Part of the Split Rail Experience is getting rid of the stress & hassle of designing and ordering the perfect album.

Because I do it for you!

I want you to have a way to enjoy your memories for years to come, which is why I have included one of these albums in most of my wedding collections.

All of my albums are individually designed and hand crafted. They are also completely customizable to suit you!

So lets make some Memories <3

The Swatches

Want and Album that will stand out from the rest?

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